I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-06-27 04:03:58 (UTC)

Fresh fish

My dad is a fisherman. Well, sorta. He is the executive
editor for several saltwater fishing magazines so he
drives boats and goes fishing for a living. Well, he got
home from a trip to exotic New Smyrna Beach, FL(being
sarcastic here). Went about 40 miles off shore and went
fishing. Caught major fish. Yum!!

It's been awhile since I've had fresh fish. Had tuna for
dinner tonight. It was caught about 8 hours ago. It was
really good. Also have grouper, wahoo, more tuna, and mahi
mahi(also called dorado and dolphin). Fresh fish really
doesn't have a very fishy smell. You need to try it before
you knock it.

Watched Brandyn tonight. He's the only person I know who I
can order to take his clothes off. No sickos, for
bathtime. He was a tired boy today. Not much news on that

The problem with my hands is coming back. Either that or I
had gotten used to it and now it's worse. I don't know.
Yes, I know, go to the doctor. I'm not ready to yet. Don't
ask me why, I dunno....