The land of unknown
2001-06-24 05:42:22 (UTC)

The last supper

well, today was my going away party. originally, there
was to be 19 guests. but about 12 could come. only 9
showed up. and the one person i wanted to show up
most did not come. but said she would. it was this girl
that i just happened to fall in love with, but of course she
didn't feel the same and got with another guy instead
and it was one of my friends. how much does that
suck? and then all this horrible shit happened and for
the last month or so before school got out, i felt like shit
and all the worst emotions u can think of. but then, one
of best friends, Lyz, had a party about a week after
school got out. and Lisa(the girl) said she would go, but
then some point in the middle of the party, she calls
and says she can't make it. here's the kicker. my other
best friend Nathan, was going to have an early b-day
party so i can go before i move. and i scedualed it with
him to fit it in so Lisa can go. so saturday works, but it's
at my house and it's my going away party instead. i
specifically scedualed it so she can go. she said she
could go. guess what? she never showed. but she has
one last chance, thanks to Lyz. well that was my day. it
was kinda fun.