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2002-06-27 00:35:27 (UTC)

One day - things may happening in second ground

Wednesday I wento to uptown. I passed in some banks and
made some updates. I remembered past because I worked in
a bank. I remembered some things. Maybe there is many things
I am not seeing now. But there are and they are making
stories in a second ground.
I saw that old neighbour. She was with a friend. Maybe
Lilian named friend. She was fine better than other friends
of her. Because she has some story and dreams.
I will see what life gives tomorrow. But I rather good if
I could discover the stories in second ground. There would
be many opportunities.
I saw Mel today and gave her a pen. It is good to face the
truth and show it to false friends and hiden enemies. It is
good. I think many people are near from her to see our
story. About two people that tried to guile Love and act
like it did not exist some day.
Or just to friends trying to save each other. Important is
that one day found I will never lost it from my heart.

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