Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2002-06-27 03:26:25 (UTC)

nelly: its getting hot in here....

"girls: i am getting sooo hot i wanna take my clothes off"
LMAO..thats from a song by nelly..lol

2day in "TOORROOOONNTTOOOOO" is very very very hot!!!
i swear..im fuckin sweating like a fat kid..LOL..(dont mean
it in a bad way).aannnnddd im not fat!!..i was only playing
around...the a/c in my house is broken and dad doesnt wanna
get it fixed...and i cant find the fan ANY WHERE!! :'(
*sigh* its soooo hot!!
OMG!!!!!! i just heard in the news that theres gonna be a
strike on the swimming pools!! :'( THERE SOOO MANY FUCKIN
sigh*...ppl these
days...tsk tsk tsk...lol..and theres a strike on the
garadage people pickers..lol...i 4got what u call them
*blushes*...tehehe...well i guess i could buy a water gun
for me and my lil bro and play in the backyard...lol..i
love playing with him :) im soo glad i have a lil
brother...he can be very annoying...but soo much fun to be
around :) ...LOL..i sound like im sucking up..LMAO..but im
not *blushes*..LOL..okies...maybe i should contiune my
search onnnnnnnnnnn *drum beats*..."FINDING THE
FAN!!!!!"..LMAO..i crack myself up..LOLOL..

buh byes!!!!!! *muah*