nobody cares
2002-06-27 03:13:16 (UTC)

how the splash dance went

dear journal
so i went to splash dance with beverly, bessy and bev's
sister. my dad finally let me go although it was a waiste
of time. well not a complete waiste i got an hour of fun
out of it but then my friends wanted to go to the hot tube
and i ditn want to because i knew if i went in it i would
never get out so i told them to stay there and let me go on
one of the slides and that i would meet them thre......
then they left making me look allll around the whole parc
which was sooooo much fun (sarcastic all the way) then when
i finally found them they got dressed and didnt want to
swim anymore for the rest of the night and they didnt wan
to dance either all they wanted to do was eat stuff and sit
on chairs for two hours so i diched them and found my other
friends and danced with them but i felt so out of place
because they where little grade nines.... lol its so funny
to call them that because i was them ast year and this year
im a grade 11 its sooooo wierd anyways so ya i dont know
wut else to right

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