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2002-06-27 02:59:48 (UTC)

well my parents went away last..

well my parents went away last night and i i just hung out
all day. yesterday morning i had to work and i saw my new
hot co worker - his name is barry and he waved to me as he
drove away. lol. then i went home and i was all alone so i
went through my parents stuff. i found these really dirty
prorn books in my dads drawer. ugh. then i watched movies
and ordered chinese. yeah so things were lame i know. then
maggie came over and we hung out in my back yard then we
hung out in my basement and she was watching a movie while
i went online. so matt came on around eleven and we talked
for mabey an hour. it was all weird things but i was
excited. he said that we had some fun times and that meant
a lot to me. he said he wants to han out sometime over
break so i hope i actually get to see him this time. then
he was like- well what if something would happen and im
like - i dont care its not like i havent hooked up with you
before and then he is like- well i dont want ne hurt
feelings. so basically he wants to get together and hook
up. but he doesnt want to bemy boyfriend. this is so
confuing bc if i see him we hook up but he doesnt like me
so why dos he came back and let that happen. i really want
to hook up with matt but i know he is using me. but it is
sooo good when we are together. so i told him idont need a
relationship now either and i will go along with it but it
means nothing. he was prolly just horny and today he prolly
woke up and forgot about it. its weird im all hype about it
but i havent seen him in over a year. lord i am screwed up.
also he asked me if i was a virgin and i said yes, and he
told me he still is too. im not sure what that was about bu
i would do him i n a heart beat. leave me a note and tell
me what to do about him

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