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2001-06-24 04:46:36 (UTC)

late Saturday night/early Sunday morning June 23/24, 2001

Woke up this morning...or should I say this
like noon. I didn't do much around midday. I just chilled
at home, played some video games and played with my nieces
and nephew. Actually that's not completely true...I came
on here and chatted a lil and then went and did some
exercising. I went to work at 4:00pm. Man we were so busy
in there today and it was just Erika and I. It was like
the longest day ever...but somehow we managed to handle
it. Well yeah we were packed and it was crazy. I just got
home from work not too long ago. I worked about 8 and a
half hours today. Blah my feet are killing me! But yeah
not too much to say other than that...I am doing MUCH
better today that I was yesterday...THANK GOD!