GoOd TiMeZ & bAd
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2002-06-27 01:36:38 (UTC)

dAmNiT!!!! i Am A pLaYeTt!!!!!

hehehehe!!!!!! being me is awsome!!!!! well right now it
is!!!!!! well i told you that i totally liked chris well
last night i had a plan to act drunk so he would make out
w/ me and it worked. anyways well today he came over w/ his
friend paul and and he had to leave so he left pretty
quick. and he left his hat here so he had to obviously come
and get it so i told him i would meet him half way on the
golf course and i did. it was just him too so it was great
time to talk to him well we talked for like 30 minutes and
then there are these like bathrooms on the golf course but
the golf course is closed so no one is on it well i flirted
w/ him for like 10 minutes and then we made out for like an
hour and a half. hehehe!!! well in between "things" if
that's what u wanted to call it i talked to him about why
he broke up w/ me and he told me that it was bcuz ppl were
saying that they couldnt believe that he was going out w/
me.i thought that wasnt a good enough answer so i played
hard to get i wouldnt kiss him anymore but i couldnt help
myself!!!! hehehe!!! i like him a lot!!! okay well we made
out so long that he was late for hockey!!!! lol!!! well im
gonna go i will talk to him later online!!! let me see if i
can try and go out w/ him!!! okay well im gonna go latz!!!

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