2001-06-24 04:17:48 (UTC)

No Idea

Jeeze this feels weird. i have had a diary over at Teen
Open diary and Open diary. I think i decided to look for
another diary website so I can write what i feel etc
without any one that i know without reading it. For about a
day I have been fighting with my boyfriend Alistair who
lives in a different state then me. He thinks that I still
love and like my childhood sweetheart Mike who also happens
to be Alistair's bestfriend. I am getting so sick and tired
of all this fighting. Maybe i should just dump him and get
it over with. I admit I do talk about Michael all the time
but that doesn't mean that I love him still. Jeeze I'm
trying to be friends with Michael. Do you know how hard it
is. For 10 years Michael and I were more than friends. Now
all of a sudden I have to try and be friends with him. Augh
this is driving me crazy. I'm not going to let anyone know
about this diary. Think its a good idea? Well I'll write
more later.