mY dIaRy....
2002-06-26 23:47:56 (UTC)

Life juss can't get n e better!

Oh man! for the first time since the day I was born I am
satisfied w/ what I have what I am w/ EVERYTHING! I dun
care bout n e thing but him... he's the sweetest most
adorable guy that exist on earth(no offense to u other
guys) n e ways I luv him sooooooo much and it's so
incredible the way he loves me back, everything is juss
perfect! we're going to the movies this weekend I rele hope
everything goes well.... well why wouldn't it? yeah so
right now I'm waiting for him to call... we talked all day
long and I already miss him!!!! I rele thought all this
emotions and thoughts bout eachother were only gonna last
for a couple of days but it seems to never end! lol we
already talked bout how many kids we wanna have when we're
gonna move in together.... etc etc.. things r juss perfect!
and I hope they stay this way for a LONG LONG time......
well g2g now..... I'm gonna go think bout my baby now.....
luv ya all! Analia

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