F**ked up life
2002-06-26 23:32:20 (UTC)


Im so happy! Steve this guy i kinda have been crushing on
emailed me and wants to hang out and gave me his number!!!
Yaeee!! Well my mom is being a BITCH, shes making me go to
therapy today and i dont want to so i just straight out
told her i wasnt going and she says im gonna be grounded if
i dont go with is fucking retarded cus i dont want to go!!
I shouldnt have to be subjected to that shit. I told her
that she cant pay to have someone make me like her, so she
can fuck off! really i dont care today for sum reason if
she is made or not. lately if she tells me i cant go
somewhere i have just been saying i dont care im going no
matter what or in this case im just saying flat out no im
not going! I think its because im in a good mood because of
steve and cheerleading went real good today.
O god, here it comes. whenever i like i guy after i
somewhat have his attention, then i change my minda and
dont think they are cute any more! Why doo i do this!Ok
mark my word i wont do that this time. I already chickened
out on going to the drive in movies with tim tonight just
because im scared! Why is it that i can fool around with
guys without any problem but i cant date a guy seriously
without freaking out!I need help! (IF ANYONE READS THIS