When its all over and done with....
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2002-06-26 22:52:34 (UTC)


The other night i went to the boardwalk with My friends
jenn, jess, and erica. We first took the bus at 840 pm
where it felt like we were gonna wait forever!! finally the
bus came and their were these two gurls that er called
white trash. well jenn had to go pointin at them like her
normal self and they started to whisper to each other about
how she kept starin and talkin about them. It was soo
embarrasin, but its ok no biggie. When we had to get off
the bus we had to walk about 3 or 4 blocks to the
boardwalk, man was it crowded! Yeah erica was right there
was some cute white guys there...and a few cute black guys
too. It bothers me though that eri seperates them like that
cuz she thinks i only like whites...that aint tru its just
the my father wouldnt want me to date a black guy cuz he is
just like that so im goin for some one that would make my
parents happy. After the boardwalk we went and we rented a
movie...then it was smooth sailin from then on...we went
home watched the movie while jenn fell asleep after two
freakin minutes hehe but i fell asleep before the movie was even more interestin the next day.....