the roads not taken
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2002-06-26 22:28:01 (UTC)

friends ..what i didn't finish

jeremy brown- wow there is just so much. yes there has
been a lot of hurt here and i know its on both sides and i
really hope that this time around we stay friends and don't
manage to piss each other off so quickly. there is just
something about you that affects me in a deep way, probably
because in way you are my excate oppisite but we are so
similar and you show me things about my self i never would
be willing to admit...i do admit (most) of them.

kathryn pelon- personal fav open minded confidant. we
really have shared some great conversations here and there.
i really trust you and you've done nothing to prove that i
shouldn't. and its a mutual thing...with the trust cause
i've never told your secrets even the small ones and i just
really enjoy that type friendship and i'm glad neither one
of us truly gave up on cannon as we had been planning.

danny kuykendall *sp :(*-

cody harris- i just want to say i'm really glad we are
friends. we haven't known each other long but when we talk
it does matter and u understand me, you are a real cool
kid. i hope our friendship really grows more cause you are
important to me.

kathryn wills- i'm actually very disappointed in our
friendship cause it really isn't there all that
don't put any effort into it unless we have to at church
and i know i don't all that much. when we are actually
haning out its lots of fun but i know you look down on me
and judge me and thats really shitty of you, but i sitll
love you anyway you have been there for me in many sprital
matters and thoes matters are the most important.

nicole conley-