Wo ist Amanda?
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2002-06-26 22:11:22 (UTC)

Finger Eleven...

Has anyone heard of Finger Eleven? I love their
song "First Time". It totally reminds me of Erick, my ex-
boyfriend. I hella want to go to the movies...Lilo and
Stitch looks so cute! But I want to see Bourne Identity
and Minority Report,too. I have heard good things about
those movies! I am so broke! Where does all my money
go???? Where does anyone's money go? It seems like
everyone is always broke...except for those annoying little
rich kids! I hate those kind of people, but I have so many
of them as my friends! I was at the mall yesterday (which
is an odd thing for me...I hate shopping! my friends take
too long to shop) Anyways, I saw Erika Toscano
there...she's such a bitch. She thinks she's all bad and
shit. It's so sad, cause when we were in school, she
threatened to beat me up because she "doesn't like the way
I look"!!! But I told her calmly that I was past that
stage already and that she needs to grow up...I'm not about
to ruin my college life for her! She's not worth it.
Well, then she went around and told peeps that she really
doesn't know how to fight anyways, she just likes to think
that she intimidates people!
intimidated...really. The only thing scary about her is
her WIDE hips and HUGE ass!!! I guess I have to admit that
I was a little afraid she'd sit on me or something!
j/k...well, Rafael still hasn't broken up with his g/f. If
he wants to go out with me, he needs to get rid of her
first. I don't know what the hell he thinks he's doing
right now, the damn mormon. He can't have me and his other
girl at the same time, ya know? Well, I am so
bored...guess I'll go and do nothing with nobody on my
couch. Bye.