dismal life
2002-06-26 21:40:42 (UTC)

i feel weird..

I'm really stoned now. My friends are coming over to get my
mind off of mikey. I'm going to stop smoking pot's a waste of money.

I've been writing a note to mike every night before I go to
sleep...I'm so pathetic. I'm already making plans for us in
September. I don't have to go back to that god forsaking
school but mike does. I want us to do everything together
before we start getting really serious.

Somebody write to me...a nice e-mail or something. I feel
really empty. Don't talk about mike though...

I had tourniquet stuck in my head all day. Not that I'm
horny or anything but I remember Mike and I had sex to that
song so many times. He's so beautiful...I'm rambling on
like an idiot..