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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2001-01-05 02:47:45 (UTC)

*Shanen* Had a semi-party..


Had a semi-party afterskool in the hallway w/ mosta my
bball team b4 the team pictures. We looked a
lil...strange...with our cd player blastin' and denise
dancing with the bag of tortillos, but it was alotta
fun..well actually just funny.
Today was yet another day I did not see Matt once all day.
Itz really really sad. Honestly. Sometimes try not to think
about it too much, 'cuz even when I'm trying not to,
someone always notices anywayz, and it gets pretty lame to
tell them over and over again I am just tired and nothing
is wrong.
Tomorrow I get out of school early(2:15) to go to Neptune
for a game. Their players are from what I remember-
talentless, but they are violent n really rough, so me
being the very breakable and easy to knock over point
guard, i'd better watch myself.
I wanted my dad to redue the basement, like new flooring tv
system, walls, n all that stuff that goes along with
reduing it. He didnt go with the idea at 1st, but then
while he was brushing his teeth I locked myself in with him
as a "strike" and starting trying to fight him(even tho I
am 1/2 his size) and he was laughing so hard at me he
finally everytime ;-) just found that
B/c of the bball game 2morro I wont be able 2 make that
concert i wanted 2 go to. but i DO get to come home n go
str8 to sleep, and hopefully spend my weekend with Matt,
b/c I've been waiting all week to.

~i may not get ²see you as much as i like
i may not get ²hold you all thru the nite
but deep down in my heart i kno itz tru
no matter what, i will alwayz have *l u v* 4 you ~