No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-06-26 21:15:44 (UTC)

camp continued

By Friday I knew a lot of people so I was really
comfortable there. We woke up around 6:15 and then did Land
Navigation. We got rained out and went back to the barrocks
and had commanders time. Then we went to lunch and ended up
having free time. Volleyball try-outs were that day and I
made it. :) It was a lot of fun. We also went to the PX
that day and got some junk food. Then we went to bed.
We woke up and did LRC. It was fun but we only got
through 2 stations before we had to go abck to our barrocks
but we ended up having some free time in the afternoon and
I played volleyball. I was Platoon Seargent...which was
pretty fun.
Sunday we had to finish making up our classes we missed
due to the rain. We also had DDR which was really boring.
Talking about how we shouldn't do drugs etc. After that I
played Volleyball during my free time while some kids went
to church. I found out from some girls in my barrocks that
Danni liked me. We had some Volleyball conflicts and kicked
some kids off the team. Then I went to sleep.
Monday morning we went repelling. It was really really
awesome. I had a great time. One boy pissed his pants...I
felt so bad for him. After repelling we had the picnic. The
Volleyball team won. Oh yeah go us! We also won spirit
competition. It was so much fun. The volleyball team got
pizza and coke for dinner from Pizza Hut. We had so much
fun joking around and were allowed out late. Danni told me
he liked me that night and stuff. I went in the barrocks
and told Claire how much I didn't want to leave and Katie
made fun of me for it. We had a scorpion in the barrocks.
So I moved my bed next to Claire's because I wasn't about
to sleep near the scorpion. I finally fell asleep.
The worst day of my life. We had graduation then we had
to say all our good byes. I didn't want to leave Danni, Claire,
Christina, Katie or anyone at
all. It was really horrible. I cried on the bus home. I
fell asleep shortly after getting on the bus and woke up
when we got off the exit to leave I hit my head. I'll
finish later.