The Black Hole
2001-06-24 03:21:50 (UTC)

The Rouph TImes

Wow, have'nt ummm exactly wanted to write this bit of
information down but i think i should because I will be
happy i did in the near future.

Well, I dated this guy named Blair for a really long time.
We never really broke up we both decided to go our different
ways. YOu see...I had to move. MOve a great distance away
because of my dad. ANyway...Its been I believe 2 years
since I talked to him. So I call him...hes not home. SO I
e-mail my old friend Amanda. I'm not sure if this was the
greatest idea but I did it anyway. SHe gave me Blaires new
number. I call him and we get talking and we decide to meet
again and junk. Hes always acted like...wel...actully its
hard to explain. I have no problem what so ever with gay
guys. He tells me right up front tha he is gay. I actually
did stuff with this guy. I really thought I loved him(I was
a t the time a young age I did'nt know what love was then.)
But really bugs me is that I did'nt care that much. I
sot-of always knew. But then the part that actully hurt me
is this(Blair says) (my name here) thank you for sticking by
me. Thank you for helping me find out who I really am.

Geez I guess I should'nt have had some of those deep
discussions with him. BUt you know something its over and
I'm happy for him. At least he knows what he want to do
with his life. ANd I know we will always be real good

I am still like/love Jake(Just so you know)