My shyte life :o/
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2002-06-26 20:50:49 (UTC)

Oh my gawd!! :'(

A terrible thing happened 2day, found out the sexiest lad
ive ever known has left my work, im so miffed! dunno how
i'll cope, but hey...i've always got my 26yr old lover to
fall back on. jus kiddin, but i really like this bloke, he
just happens 2 be 9yrs older than me, thats not that bad is
it? we r kinda gettin it on, ill let u know more about that
when i know myself woss goin on! supposedly goin clubbin
with him, my mate, and his mates on sat but i aint gettin
my hopes up. sorry i know u prob dont wanna know all this
shyte about my luvlife but tuff titties coz im tellin u
anyway. my life is crap at the mo, ive got no future and no
idea what im doin. i left 6th form the other week, ive
completed the 1st year and done my AS levels, dunno if ive
passed yet but i hated it so i aint stopping on. i work
part time in a sports shop which is goin nowhere. i need a
new job so i best get lookin soon! anyway im off, big
brothers on in a bit then bathtime! c'mon alex! woop woop

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