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2002-06-26 20:40:20 (UTC)


Acting mellow huh? Your husband just paged me and said hes
looking froward to meeting me. What did you do, leave my
number out? Or did he star 69 me. Or, I wonder if my
number showed up on a phone bill? Well, I guess this is
it. I think I'm gonna sit out in my truck and see if he
shows up. I wonder if it will be violent? I'm not really
gonna say anything to him. What can I say? Nothing thats
gonna make him feel better. Just worse. You have to be
more careful. I can't believe he got my pager number. He
said "we". I know you said your daughter was at camp but I
wonder if hes bringing someone with him? Guess will find
that out too. I wish I could contact you. Not that you
could do anything but still.....I wish. Hoping for the
best, whatever that may be. BYE!!!