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2002-06-26 20:17:02 (UTC)

boyz boyz boyz

Hey! Ya i really am going to try to do this more often but
I just got back from a christian camp called LGCA! Its
always a blast but this one guy named Tyler liked me and
asked me to campfire...I wans't going to say no... and he
was a nice kid and all..sometimes you just don't like ppl
like that...ya know? Well anywayz yesterday i got a letter
from him and it was like the sweetest letter anyones ever
written me and well i guess he reallly likes
he picked a fresh rose from his mom's garden and put the
petals in the letter! I just don't know wat to do i'm such
a cheeb!! But I just don't like him in the same way! Not to
mention he lives in Lincoln so i'll only see him like once
a year when i go to camp! So I guess i gotta write him a
letter back... i already wrote but i'm waitin to
send it cuz i asked ju and she said to wait a lil while to
send it so that he sorta expects it coming. So thats what
i'm gonna do i guess!

But anywayz i sorta like this other guy but he lives kinda
far away too.. his name is rex... Hes just such a sweetie!
and a hottie! and i might get to see him friday which would
make me happy! butttt my friend Mandy likes him which means
that I'm stayin i've been so near totally
screwing over a friendship because of a guy before and I'm
just not doing that again!

But anywayz lol my friends want me to make this public! yea
so thy can all read my secrets!! shhh... anywayz theres
this other guy that i sorta like too! well not that much
anymore cuz i haven't seen him since like a month ago! lol
well maybe not quite that long but it has been a couple
weeks since ive even talked to him... but anywayz i liked
him when i first met him at one of my friends parties cuz
he just seemed really nice n sweet but then he was in my
gym class second sememster.. and thats the first time i had
a class with him.. and hes just like mr. cocky! and i hated
that so i was like dude i do not know wat i saw in him...

But then the night after cheer camp toph, sean, and bobby
invited me mandy n ju to go to a movie... and toph and sean
both had gf's so we sorta figured they'd be there... but
they ended up not going cuz they were too tired from it was sorta weird but fun anywayz... and
then bobby's mom took us all home and i was tired and i
laid my head on the back of the seat and sean looked at me
and he was like "you tired?" and i was just like "yea" and
then he like brushed his finger on my cheek! it was soo
cute! lol and he was being a sweetie and he helped me get
over the seat cuz 2 ppl had to sit in the back cuz there
weren't enough seats so when i went to get onto the regular
seat he gave me his hand to help me! and he was just
talking to me and bein a sweetie and then iwas like yeaaaa
i remember why i liked him! lol but it really doesn't
matter cuz i'm never gonna get him! lol

O.k. wel i think thats about it... tonight i'm going to
church and i'll be facing my X as well as this one guy who
has a gf but he used to like me and (i don't know that he
liked me tho) he bascially told me but i played dumb.. i
mean what am i supposed to say! its not llike i liked him
so i just avoided the controversy! lol go me! lol ok well i
am gonna go now soo ttyl! oo man i just found out some
horrible stuff that made me realize how good i have it

lotsa stuff all the time, my parents might split up. my
brothers in a gang, my sisters pregnant, my sister anhd
brother have been kicked out forever so they always have
problems and always talk 2 me about it, my sisters always
crying, my real dad is trying to come "back into our lives
now" i get pissed alot at certain people

that came from one of my friends! the poor girl! I don't
know but lately there have been lots of ppl on my praying
list! But wow i can't believe how much i take for granted
the life that i have! ok now i'm gonna go bye!

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