Katie & Kora

Kinky Chronicles
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2002-06-26 19:57:35 (UTC)

What do I do?!?

K....Yeah Im like totally confused about everything right
now. I was so sure acouple days I knew what I wanted but
now its all so blurry and I dont understand.
What do you do when you like a guy, but that guy is older
than you by four years...and he wants more than u want at
the moment?!? But he says he would never hurt you..and the
subject just keeps going on and on? I mean do you beleive
him and see what happens..or do you just say if u really
want something then wait. Yeah the answer is clear
there...but its so hard to talk to him. All he wants when
he is with me is action? I dont always wanna do
that.Sometimes I just wanna hang out, chill ya know??
Cuddle...not always kissing and making out. Why does life
have to be so confusing??????


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