in ordinary daze
2001-06-24 03:02:16 (UTC)

lost....and in love

i just got back from my road trip to tampa.....well i got
the promotion- and it seems like i got another date from
evan as well.
i am trying a new approach to this relationship- just
laying back and letting him do the work- i want to know if
he is interested or not- and i refuse to drag it out of him.

on friday before my trip evan and i got together and had
decided to go to dave and busters. we got lost. and then we
were going to go to gameworks in sawgrass. but as we were
driving past the mall we decided to just go to cheeburger
cheeburger and for me to go to his house and meet the

dinner was great- we sat on the patio and just talked up a
storm. he had to add that this was the most fun he had had
in awhile. i know that is good to hear- but i wonder if it
was meant more in the "youre a great friend" aspect or
the "i love being with you" aspect.....
i went back to his house and met his parents, it was
somewhat funny how they kept asking us if we wanted to just
be alone to watch a movie....blushing we said it was fine
if they were in the room. the worst part came when i
subjected him to circle of friends- i should have chosen
what woman want- i had never seen it and it was probably
the better of the 2 "chick" flicks.....so i constantly
appologized to him for the film.

once again he got out of the car and we stood in the drive
way and gabbed for 15 minutes and i stood there thinking
kiss or hug????? once again- i hugged him- but we hug
eachother like we are afraid to let go- like we may not see
eachother again for a long time.
and sadly i know that in about 2 months that last hug will
come and i will have to let go and not see him for months
on end.
i dread that day.

evan has asked me out again- he got a job at blockbuster
and seems to be working all this weekend- but i will call
him tomorrow and see if he is working.....maybe we can
celebrate my promotion.....