my entity
2002-06-26 17:13:21 (UTC)

fellin sad and glad!

i feel so sad and sorry for two of my friends for having
some unusual (is it?) sickness. my best friend (from high
school) is sick and so is my closest friend (college)

the first one has something to do with her goiter (prolly)
and is taking medicines everyday....second one has problem
on her uterus (sigh). the doctor said that she has just 25%
of having a baby :( too sad...tsk tsk..nah..i dont know if
im affected by 'em but i guess i am...

i know that my prayers will help in any way...God will make
a way for them :)

on the glad and thankful for the Lord since
as of the moment, i believe that me and my family have good still fortunate i guess...

in this world not all are just good..there are also bad...if you're
crying now, tomorrow you will smile...if you're happy now, the next
day you'll be sad....


1:13 AM