*Bubbles and Ducks*
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2002-06-26 15:15:14 (UTC)


The only reason I'm doing this is because I'm seriously
bored. Doesn't matter what I say anyway since nobody reads
this. Nobady cares to listen to my stupid thoughts or
problems.I would love to be able to write something in this
almost everyday like Cathy, but my life just ain't that
damn interesting. It's about 2 weeks into summer and like
nothing has happened. For the past 2 weeks every morning
I've been drove out to Westminster to go to field hockey
camp. It was fun, but way to early to run around and sweat
and stuff. I had to wake up at 7:00, DURING SUMMER!!! ACK!!
OMG!! I almost forgot, at my aunt's party, I met a guy!!
She's not really my aunt, but one of my dad's best friends
who I see more than my aunts and uncles. And the guy was
her biological nephew's best friend. Man he was cute. His
name was Mike and he was hott and really nice. We hung out
all night together. It was really fun because all
my "cousins" were there too. We had this water fight with
water balloons and buckets of water and Mike kept throwing
HUGE buckets of water on me. I was soaked. And I was
wearing this tank top that was all clingy when it got wet.
Damnm I was cold. It was so unfair too because all I did
was splash him a little. My favorite cousins, Chrissie and
Kara, were there and the nephew, Benny, had the biggest
crush on Chrissie. I mean I knew from like the very
beginning that he liked her, but he kept denying it. Then
toward the end of the night he's like "so maybe I do like
her" and I'm like "I knew it, I knew it!!" It was really
funny. What sucked was I missed my friend David's party. I
felt kinda bad because I told him I could go before I found
out I couldn't and then I forgot to call him back and tell
him I couldn't go. I felt so rude. Well that's all I can
think to say. So maybe I'll write more regularly in this
damn thing, probably not, but ya know, what can a girl do??
LoL!! Hey if you DO read this (which no one does) give me
something to write about. CATHY!!!! ASK OUT NEILL!!!


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