Yours Truely

Ordinary Chick
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2001-06-24 01:18:56 (UTC)

Saturday June 23

I'm back! Only another full day till Summer School starts!
I'm really mad! :( I wanna go to school but not only after
having 4 days off. . . Well, I kinda can't wait till I'm a
junior, but I also don't want summer to end all fast as
usual. Today I just hung out around the house. I rented a
movie today and watched it with my parents... wooo hooo!
hehe No actually it was fun. We saw The Emperior's New
Groove. I liked was a cute movie. But I liked Shrek
better. :) I saw that like over the weekend I think.
Anyways. . . my parents are going out tonight to some
concert and I have the house alllll to myself. ;) hehe I'm
gonna be allll alone.... :( I bet I'll think of something/
someone to do... hehe jk Well... I'll c ya later! :)

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