Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-06-26 14:41:39 (UTC)

My family amuses me....

FROM: My Mom

Tricia do you know anything about this?

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From: DAD
Sent: Wednesday, June 26, 2002 1:38 AM
Subject: a question

I would very much appreciate a straight answer on what
Tricia is up to. Her going to Ny was done is secret and it
appears that there is a mystery in her return...
Would you please let me know what is going on?
Also what is this insurance thing about her..?
an insurance co has called here about her..

*rolls on the ground laughing my ass off so hard it hurts*

Gotta love my parents. Lol. She gets all mad at me when I
tell him stuff, so I didnt say anything. Hes like, when
are you coming back? Im like, sometime. Hes like, are you
gunna visit Grandma? Im like I dont know. Why dont you go
look at my file, thats what you did last time. *grr*

At this current point, my life is so turned upside down, It
actually did a total 360. Im now back where I started.

Ugh. I hate when that happens.

This kid scared the living crap out of me last night. Hes
all like, 'Youre so hot' 'Youre so cute' and all this. Im
like, uh, im scared now, running the other way....

Why does every one say Slim Fasts are yucky? I dont think
theyre taht bad. And they give me vitamins and minerals.

*light bulb goes off* Hey, ever since I started drinking
those, Ive been staying up all night til about 1230... is
that a coincidence?

I really need a psychatrist.


ps- Love you Huggles and Marie, and lil Bro.