soul survivor
2001-06-24 01:07:55 (UTC)


Dear Diary
Lately i've just been feeling lonely seeing everybody happy
w/ their b/f. It makes me think when will i come across
someone so wonderful yet perfect and hot. This sucks,
seriously being lonely and all your friends have
goodlooking b/fs and brags about them to your face, of how
great they are.
For Example: Amanda Castor "Sam is great he's a sweetheart
and i love him. He's so perfect, and i's do anything for

My God....I don't even know what love is anymore. I've only
experienced it once. Actually i don't even know what i felt
for Brian was love or not, or just factuation

I want an actual honest relationship where i know I can be
happy w/ hanging out hug and cuddle with. When something is
wrong he'll say everything is alright and kiss my nose and
wipe my tears away.

I don't think i'll find someone w/ my standards.
-someone to love me for me
- sweet
- lovavble
is that too much to ask for? i say it's simple hocus pocus
there's my guy!!:)
but NO..magic can't give an actual love. Only fairytale!
It looks so simple when you watch fairytale movies. Like
Snowhite and her Prince Charming and Cinderella and her
Sometimes i wish it was me riding off with a Knight N
Shining Armour. That can sweep me off my feet.
I would totally love that.
I guess everybody has a time where they meet their
Prince Charming. And me? i wonder when my time will come.