Pure Belligerence
2001-06-24 00:43:44 (UTC)

*I wanna driiiiive, whhhha*

siiiiiigh, i am sitting home on this lovley saturday night
because i am sooooo friggen tired. I tried to catch up on
my sleep last night but only ended up getting 8 hours.... i
need much more. Iv been trying to look up driving schools
because i didnt get into drivers ed but so far..... no
luck. I found a site that compares all the states'
requirements for driving and connecticut is one of the
strictest.... lucky me. juuuust great. A few states let
people get their permits at 15 and one state even let 14
year olds drive...ahh... that annoys me to no end. We have
to wait until our 16th birthday to get our permit and have
our permit for 180 day until we can try for a license or
160 if you take drivers ed. Ahh, i need some fuckin
independance from people. I hate having to ask for a ride
whenever i go somewhere.