The Black Hole
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2001-06-24 00:04:49 (UTC)

FLip side

I met a real ass on the net last night and a real sweet
heart. How does that happen?

Anyway the Ass was Brian. Not Brian Dick just a different
one. H ewas a friend. I actully thought he was a good
friend. THen her turns totally against me. Hes such a
dick. NOthing I can say can get what I am feeling out.

Wow then I got to talk to a guy named Floyd. He was so nice
and we had a lot in common. We talked for a really long
time. I did'nt want him to get off the net. I don't like
him in that way or anything. He someone I would think could
be a best friend. WHy does life have to be so damn hard!

Well...while I am out here at my dads...all of my frieds are
hanging out with each other. THey are having fun at the
beach while I am sitting here watching tv and playing with
my little sister. Why does life have to be so hard for me?

I've also found that I still like ajke and Brian but little
pete is in the picture

I need to start wearing my retainer
my teeth are going wack
propubly cuz i never wear them

Its not like the guys will notice that they are a little off
when we kiss

But who am I kidding
Brian Dick, I told him off
THe other brian is an ass(for now).
He went off to tennesee

Don't need your sympathy
Don't smother me with lies
Don't think it's good for me
If you plan on saying goodbye
Good luck with your wishes
On the freedom you pray to have
Once you go far in path
Don't plan on wanting me back
Now that you're gone
I won't beg you to stay
Life for me is better
I'm much happier this way
If you think you did me a favor
You've actually done me wrong
It really doesn't matter now
Cuz your ass is already gone
Thought I saw you earlier
With a girl in your arms today
Just know it'll be alright
Cuz I've found new love yesterday
Yes my heart was broken
I admit I even cried
If I say I don't still love you
Then I must be telling you lies
But before you think you got me
Before you think I'm going down
Hope you know I got stronger
I'm no longer your puppet or clown

I read this poem somewhere...not quite sure where but I like
it and it applys to me in a lot of ways. Except the guy
doe'nt even know I like him.

Bye for now

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