The Next Best Things
2001-06-23 23:11:17 (UTC)

The best and worst year of my life (part 1)

I really don't like to think about how my life used to be, because it brings back old wounds. But i guess the only way to put it behind me, is to move on. I'm not the type of person that enjoys change or "getting over it". 6th Grade must've been the worst and the best year for me. It was two years ago, but i can almost rememeber it perfectly. My life must've been perfect, or at least it seemed that way. I was popular, everyone was my friend, and i could have almost any boy i wanted. Seems cool right? NOPE. I had only 3 boyfriends because that's all i could handle... The first one was Ricardo. He asked me out to a school dance, and i said "sure". But that was only the beginning. His birthday was coming up, and he invited me to his house for a birthday party. I decided to take my best friend, Rachael, and two other friends, Mikaela and Kayla. When we got to his house, it was like a manshion. It was HUGE!! He was pretty rich. Anyways, his friends came and we were hanging out at his very big pool. Then i had to go to the bathroom, so i asked him where it was. He said he'd take me, because his house was so big. Well after i was done doing my buisness, he said he wanted to show me around his house. So i was like "ok". When he showed me his room, he shut the door, and went to his desk, and pulled out a condom. He then asked me to have sex with him, and i said hell no. He kept bugging me, and i told him i wanted to wait till i was married. So we finally went downstairs. He opened his presents, and his parents got him a golfcart!!! So he was taking me with my friends around his block. Then he took me alone. I asked if i could drive, and he took me to an open field, and said "only if you make out wth me" Up to this point i had never made out before, so i just said "ok". He pulled me to him, and stuck his tounge down my throat, and i pushed him off of me. I then broke up with him, cause i was sick of his sick horneyness. So me and my friends went home........