The Thoughts of A Writer
2002-06-26 05:30:24 (UTC)

Song writing....

Hello! I dont know if you guys know, but aside from
writing NSYNC fan fiction, I sing. I wrote songs. I am
learning guitar and piano. I hope to be famous one day.
Anyways, the point is that, I write songs. I have been
doing it for almost a year exactly and I am getting fairly
into it. I have written over 20 songs and I hope someday
they will be heard. Here is one, it is very short but I
love it, it describes how I fell so good...Its called 'Im
I feel so alone
No one to talk to
when I need the time
emotions bottled up
tight as can be
Im so unhappy
why cant they see
Im unhappy
why'd they do this to me
Im unhappy
Of all the things I could be
Im unhappy
I need to talk
To get this deep sadness out
I feel so alone
Why arent they here
My best friend
is a lonely tear.

How was it? I know its kind of depressing lol. But I am
so proud of it. Its one of the first times I let out how I
was feeling on to paper. Writing lets me be free. Its like
nothing else is there. Just me and my deepest thoughts.

Thank you,