Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
2002-06-26 05:19:36 (UTC)

my confusin' day

today i went over to allenz and chilled wit him, erin,
jordan, and jonathon. we drank sum beer. jonathon and
jordan smoked sum shit. we just chilled it whuz kool. den i
got in dis fight at erin. i dont even kno y. it whuz
stupid. oh well we got in a fight walkin' home so allen and
jonathon walked me home. and den jordan showed up 2. dey
were pissed at jeremy. but i think everything has settled
down now. i dunno me and erin are kool now. aww tonite i
whuz really sad and shit just 'bout erin and i dunno a lot
of shit. and im like talkin' to justen. and he'z like whuz
da matter. and i'm like i dont wanna talk bout it. and he'z
like ok well if u ever need sumone i'm here and i'll do my
best to make u feel better. and den i'm like erinz online.
and he'z like dont talk to her she'll just make u sad. and
i'm like wut u dont like me when i'm sad. and hez like i
alwayz like u but i want u to be happy. he'z too sweet. aww
i really like him. he sweet and nice. and he alwayz makez
me laugh. i dunno where datz goin'. i guess we'll just have
to c. oh well im done for now.

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