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2001-06-23 22:45:29 (UTC)

Fabianne Gstottemaryr

2 days ago my best friend Fabianne moved to California.... I'm really upset about it because, well she's my best friend..... I don't know what it'll be like without her. She was always there for me when i had a problem, and she'd always try to cheer me up. She was exactly like me, at times the smilatries were freaky...... But she did undertand me better than anyone else ever did..... I tried to commit suicide once because i thought no one understood me, but she came and showed me that there really are people out there who understand and who really do care. She taught me so much about myself and life, that even though she's gone, I will always remember her. I heard once that people come in and out of your life, but only the really special and important people will stay in your life forever... They might not be there pysically, but they'll always be there in your heart.

Love Always,