the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2002-06-26 05:02:45 (UTC)

love is blind

why the hell would i even think he every liked me .. its
all bull shit and i am stupid for ever liking him .. he
lives in Maryland .. !!!!!!!!! I mean fuck ! i am so messed
up .. i hate myseolf and this world i want everyone to
die .. i want to die .. i hate all this .. i am feeling so
lost in a world that does not want me .. i am so miss
understood and u know what i don't want this anymore .. i
want everyone to go away no one cares about me !The one
person who i thought was like the only person who
understood me doesn't.. how could i put all this false hope
into someone who has no fucking clue who i am .. how could
i even remotly think this person cared about me at all ..
he doesn't care about me at all .. he was never there even
though i wanted to think he was .. Maybe if i lived there
i would not have to write this but we will never know