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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2001-01-05 01:50:59 (UTC)



Guess what folks! I'm sick!! Or atleast I think I am at
sometimes... I haven't sneezed in a while but coughing is
quite frequent. And my nose is usually stuffy but its not
now... strange....

Well anyway, I was sick yesterday so I went to lie down at
6:40 and I watched an hour and a half of the Simpsons on
Fox and then I fell asleep after Seinfeld because I was
madddd tired for some reason. I woke up at 8:43am and had
to rush my ass out the door. (That's why I wasn't online
yesterday Shanen, My badddd yo... I'M very sorry) I
haven't seen or spoken with Shanen in like... a while!

Seen: Over 24 Hours
Talked To: Like A LIL Over 48 Hours

Very Very Sad about that... well anyway... lemme think
whats new... hmmm.... NOTHING! Oh except my guitar lessons
got moved from Thursdays @ 4:30 to Mondays @ 4:30.. Its
supposed to flurry tonite, that'd kick ass... then its
supposed to snow 2-3'' on Saturday that'd kick big ass then
Monday it's supposed to storm again... so I hear.. That'd
be awesome. 1 Day off of school would be the best thing to
happen to the world, All I ask is that we get 1 DAY off
this weeek PLEAAAAASEE!!! I'm sooo tired of school already
and I've only been back a few days.

Concert tomorrow @ 5:30 (You goin Shanen?) It's going to
kick massive ass! 3 of the greatest FTHS Bands to ever
grace the stage at M&M Hall!! DUMBFOUNDED, THE BANK
ROBBERS, and FOREVER'S END!! WOOOHOOO!! I'm really excited.

I have an addition to my new years resolution, I wanna stop
biting my nails and cracking my knuckles, I don't think
it's going to happen but I'm REALLY gonna try because it
annoys me how much time I spend with my hand in my mouth

Alright, today all I did was play guitar, watch revenge of
the nerds and sit online and wait for Shanen... its 8:46
and I'm gonna give up around 9:30 and call her if she's not
online because I wanna talk to her! It's been a while yo!
and I'm lonely as hell...

If anyone reading this wants to talk to me and keep me
company feel free to... my AIM name is MonkiesNRhinos4e and
I'm online alot usually... lately I haven't been on as much
cuz I've been giving my bro and sis time to go on while i
sleep early.. that way I can take advantage of the fact
that they're on for 4-5 hours while I sleep when they tell
me that I'm "always" on... hehe good plan right??

This message is just a bunch of senseless blabber... so I'm
gonna go now....

Luv ya & I miss you Shanen *If you ever read this...*