Sporty Tomboy

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2002-06-26 04:40:54 (UTC)

for my sistas yearbook...

alright hey chica, beware of everything you do... because
ya know i gotta look out for my sista. dont let guys take
advantage of you whatever you do you gotsa remember most of
them are losers and you have to find one you love and trust
me, youll know. hell be like your best friend and its gunna
be all like you actually feel this thing in your chest
where it sinks a little down to your stomach. its your
heart longing for his soul youll feel so comfortable
talking to him that its like you dont even need anybody
else, because hell always be there for you when you need
and you can tell him everything hes your soulmate. who
cares if people dont believe in it, youll find the man of
your dreams so dont just settle for anyone i know your
gunna find a kickass boy who deserves you so dont go around
asking weird guys to marry you, cuz those dudes were such
dorks :P they probably suck monkey ass for fun. haha and we
have been through so much since i met you but i needa tell
you girl you are wicked awesome dont let some girl who
thinks shes cool being all "goth" tell you your a loser in
any way, because look whos being a poser there. dressing in
black and acting like tough shit and being original by
acting like fucking marilyn manson is cool? ha. i think
not. thats not following your own beliefs. its leading in
everybody elses direction, mostly some loser singer.
although that one song tainted love was pretty cool i gotta
admit. but hey, being yourself is the way to be. i mean
come on everybody loves you if your an individual. listen
to your OWN HEART nobody elses look at me the famous
libbalicious licky libby, everybody in school knows my name
yet i dont care to remember who they are or what the fuck
makes them so important. cliques are pointless. im not one
to go around and be mean to people simply cuz theyre
different, and hey im not gunna bitch at someone for
conforming. but if theyre bitchy to a friend of mine they
going down :P but just being nice to people gets you far,
no matter what people may say. so hey never do something
just because someone says its the cool thing to do or
everyone else is doing it or shit. just know what you like.
dont go through the stupid identity crisis that every teen
is facing these days. be yourself, i know who you are and
your awesome. so stay the same girl. and keep a cool
motto... like fuck em all! always remember sean said to
me... my motto is sometimes you just wanna look like shit.
and i go... mines more like... everyday. its a cool way to
go. make people laugh and smile and be CRAZY. piss people
off. and enjoy just every moment of life.