Purple Coffee, Blue Monkies
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2001-06-23 20:52:22 (UTC)


I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. Brian's killin me. I should just
focus on Zach (look for an up-coming entry on him) but
instead i'm focusing on a guy that is totally outta my
league. I went to the mall yesterday, and there was this guy
in one of the stores. I walked by and he just looked at me.
I was like damn, that boy's fine. But unfortuanetly, I had
to pull my gaze away, Brian was to meet me in a half hour.
::sigh:: oh well. Guy's come and go right? Yea. The way I
see it is...I almost fucked up. I almost fucked up my
chances of even seeing this guy that I haven't seen for a
year... But, thanks to the goodwill and advice from my
sister and my friends, I think i'm outta that rut.

I'm not sayin that i'm gonna give up on Brian. I'm still
gonna think about him, but i'm not gonna be totally
obsessed with him.

Hasta Brian...Hola summer!