I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2002-06-26 03:25:34 (UTC)


There is someone who I recently came across lately who is
working their way through my journal. So I've been
rereading some entries, seeing what I had to say. And I
was suprised. There were heartwrenching, funny, amusing,
sweet, angry, amazing things that I WROTE! I mean, I have
never been good at writing. Reading, yes. History, yes.
But every English teacher I've ever had has written on my
papers that I haven't written enough. Well, I wrote until
I was finished with what I had to say, be it if there was
a point or not. There was no more. English has been and
always will be my favorite and best subject, but the
writing part has been difficult for me. I say what I mean
(at least I try to) and then leave it at that. But, back
to the entries, I am amazed that I came up with that
stuff. It's just......when I read a book, a really good
book, I fall into it..forget that I'm reading a book, and
after about 2 hours my neck hurts from being hunched over
the pages and I feel like I'm coming out of a coma. It
takes me a minute to remember where I am. I just get so
engrossed that I can't hear someone talking to me who is
standing next to me. But I really enjoy my writings, and
feel that kind of comatose-ness come over me. I just can
imagine that person......and to realize that it's me, and
I really did manage to get my point across perfectly. It's
a nice feeling.