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Skyla's Dream World Journal
2001-01-05 01:40:38 (UTC)

January 4th, 2001. 5:30 PM..

January 4th, 2001. 5:30 PM
Okay, this is my first entry. A friend of Trewyn's (Seya)
asked me to keep a journal of things that happen in
the DW/RL. So,I said all right.Hopefully,I'll remember this
and keep doing this. It's a good habit to get into.

Anyways, Trewyn just told me about a plan to deal with
Frost. I can't remember enough of it to write down,but I
remember it...uh,that made no sense, but ah well. I'm sure
it'll work..I hope they don't get into any trouble!I didn't
really do anything today..I played a bit of DDR,nuthin' to
interesting...Oh yeah!My dog,Tira, got spayed and her dew-
claw was removed!

Okay,some stuff ging on,but nothing TOO major. There's a
Duo here..he apparently doesn't belong to my sister,Laura,
and I don't think it's Trewyn's Duo either. So,I guess he's
just new to my DW,but he just came out of nowhere!He's
really nice tho',and fun! *giggles*
I had a dream last night...I'll just say it was an /OWI/.
Me and Duo were sittin' at a table eating a huge plate of
yummy brownies covered in hot fudge, and whipped cream!
Oh..*drool* tee-hee!
Nozomi said he's going to build me a Gundam.I want it
black,blue,and purple (My fave. colors),but mostly black. I
don't know what kind of weapon I want though...probably
something similar to Duo's because Nozomi is using Duo's
Gundam as a model. BTW, Nozomi is my ancient cousin,(my
cousin from about a thousand years ago) and he's pretty
cool!Tall,long silver hair, white feathery wings, and a
An OWI is something that we're not sure if it's just a
dream,or the actual Dream World. It stands for 'Or Was It'.

I can't think of anything else to write for now,I need to
have dinner (pizza,yay!),ta ta for now!
-Skyla Glace