My Diary
2002-06-26 02:58:39 (UTC)

Moving forward

I have decided to write/type this down. I wanted to
remember everything that are going on for this
relationship. After all the demages that left from the
relationship with Jason, it seems like I have never been
able to have trust on any guy. That was really a lesson for
me and I didn't ever wanted to get hurted by any
relationship again. Therefore, for the past 2 years, I
have never to let myself get into any kind of meaningful
relationship at all. When I looked back, I have many
trouble for self deniel. I deny about a lot of things and I
always unintentionally put myself into a cross road. As
much as I realize the problems, I am still letting myself
putting into situations that I couldn't get out. At the end
of the day, I am stuck.

Year of 2002. Actually, it is already in the middle of
June. Time to move forward. On the career front, keeping a
job is hard enough. I am glad I am still holding on to a
job now, eventhough it is only a contract based work.

Rob. I have got to metion about Rob. A typical English guy
with very unique character. I met him on the internet, and
I wouldn't believe that I could actually meet someone
decent nowadays. He is gentle, have good sense of humor,
caring, understanding, fair, honest, serious about life....
most of all, he loves to travel. I hope this relationship
will work out between me and him. As much as I really
wanted to settle down with a family now. It is still
pretty scary to think about what if this person(Rob) that I
am seeing now is the person that I am going to marry?
Let's cross our fingers for this!