It smells like poop over here
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2002-06-26 02:47:50 (UTC)

if this was a title or topic, then you could know what it's about

i got second holes in my lobes done yesterday. they hurt,
a lot more than the first ones. i hope they don't hurt as
bad by saturday, so i can wrestle. i have 7 piercings how.
both lobes, conche, cartilage, and eyebrow. i originally
took laura to excaliber to get her trac pierced. george
didn't wanna do it at first, cause she's only 17 and some
serious infections can occur. he caved after a while, it
took some pleading from one of the girls that works there.
she was pretty cute, but not as cute as shelby. my god is
she hot. a 10 body, ang great tan. but she smokes, so that
brings her rating way down.
i saw rich's sister today, just while i was driving. oh
man do i love that girl.
marta called me up and bitched me out. i told laura that
she said laura was being a flaky friend. and apparently, i
told marta that i wouldn't say anything about that. she's
pissed at me, so ill lay low from her for a while. laura
could care less, but either way, i don't like having people
mad at me. hopefully everything will be cool in a few days.
im not sure what to do. i don't wanna apologize, just cause
that sounds like im trying to be sorry, when i don't really
think i did anything wrong. i suppose that's not for me to
decide though. laura's still cool with me, cause she hates
marta. i think i just blew any and all chances i had w/
marta but if she does like/want me, like folks say. i
should have no problem later; but she is going away to
school. eh, can't have all the chicks i want.