2002-06-26 02:41:15 (UTC)

really f-in odd

i am so tired af being the odd person out
i dont have any good friends
i dont fit into a group
i feel so lonely all the time
i want to cry
i want to die
i want to sleep
im just so tired of it all
this world
i hate it all
this world is driving me insane
keeping me alone
anyone i let close to me
in my "wall"
hurts me so bad
it leaves a huge scar
people walk all over me
then expect me to never get mad
well damnit
im tired of not letting things out
all this shit inside of me
its going to kill me
god damnit now im crying
i hate this shit
it makes me so mad
and i only have one way of showing it
this life is worth shit
i hate it
i am worth nothing
i want to die
i need to die
but . . .
then there are those moments
when i think
that maybe . . . .
just maybe . . .
somebody just might acctually care
but then i realize
they dont care
they just want to use me
just like everyone else
i hate my life
i want to die
nobody cares
i cant stand this sadness anymore
i cant take it
i wont take it
im not going to take shit any more . . .
what the fuck am i saying
im always going to be that little girl
that everyone always beats up and says
hey i can use her and get away with it. . .
i hate people
people suck
people treat me like shit
i hate this fucking life