My life
2002-06-26 02:24:03 (UTC)

````Missing Him`````

I miss brant so much. he was suppose to come back 2day but
i dont knwo if he is yet. he told me, actually he promised
me he was going to come over, but maybe he'll come over
tomorrow. i dont know, i bet he wont. oh well, i dont care.
anyways, im really worried about Alex, her dad slapped her
twice last night. it really scares me because i never
thought her dad would do sumthing like that. Its just not
the kind of person he is. i dont know, im pretty sure
she'll bc ok. but you know there have been times when ive
wanted 2 slap her but i havent, bc there is no excuse for
hitting, or violence, expecially when it comes to family.
Anwayz, the past few days have been ok. im friends w/
rachel gonzalez again, im really happy about that i use to
be BEST FRIENDS with her in sixth grade, i dont know what
happened though, we just stopped talking, she got pissed at
me for something so we just didn't talk anymore. but im
dont think me n her are going to be friends much longer bc
she told her mom she was staying the night here tonight and
she is relaly staying thenight w/ these guyz. so i dont
know what im suppse to do if her mom calls bc Rachel never
told me that she was doing this. it makes me so mad though,
i mean god, we just became friends again. but this wkend
was kinda fun i guess, i was w/ emily and rachel and
saturday we stayed at emilys and had sum guys come over,
and me and rachel got drunk w/ them, not trashed, but we
were buzzing. neways, me and krueger have been talking a
lot lately, not Talking, but just like friends do..he is
like my best friend now!! he is so funny..but me n him have
a "background" haha
i cant wait untill brant gets back...then agian, i dotn
want him to come back becasue i dont know how im going to
react to it all. i mean i havent seen him since he left,
and i really didnt even say bye to him!! i mean i dont know
if im going to cry, are be happy, if were going to fight,
or hook up...most likely its im going to cry, and were
going to fight..haha...thats usually how it goes, sux but
thats our i guess ive gotta love it.. haha
im gonna write danny.