2002-06-26 00:51:59 (UTC)

Glad its raining...

I think I am going to walk to Erin's because after a big
predicament with a guy that chickened out after starting
to go down on me...which I quite honestly wold have liked
VERY much.... and then decided it wasn't the right thing to
do. Ugh. Now I want to call every guy that I have started
messing around with and couldnt fuck because I didnt feel
right and tel them sorry. It sucks so bad. Even though he
said it wasn't my fault I can't but help thinking that it
was. Everything has me slightly tripped out and I need to
get out of my house. Im going to get offline and call Erin
to see if I can go over there and sorry if any of this was
too much information... LoL.. Yea.. Sorry to all of the
people that DONT read my diary... Hah.

{End of Entry, feeling sick and trippy}