lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-06-25 23:22:14 (UTC)

another grim reminder this year..

another grim reminder this year of the fragility of life.
one minute, we were just sitting on the floor while meg
cut brittany's hair, and then mrs. riedmiller came in.
she asked us to start praying because jenna prewitt
had been in a car accident and they didn't know how
serious it was but it seemed bad. the rest of the night
was a bunch of phone calls from concerned peope and
updates from the riedmillers at the hospital. from what
i've heard, she's still in a coma and on life support, but
it doesn't look good.

gosh, i've known jenna forever. we ran track together
when we were little, and we were kind of friends at las
colinas. even though i haven't even seen her in a while,
this is so brutal. there aren't really words for when stuff
like this happens. it just hurts seeing other families
have to go through this...and thinking about how many
people are being hurt by a single accident.