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2002-06-25 21:44:34 (UTC)

More Quilting

I've finished the primitive basket doll quilt --the top
anyway--and also finished the applique on the yellow
needlework bag. I don't know if I should finish that up
right away or applique the navy one and finish both at the
same time.

I took out the December block for the Folk Art quilt,
thinking I was nearly done with the blocks for that top but
when I looked I realized I skipped around and I actually
have five more to go.

Gavin burned me a CD of all my favorite Guy Davis pieces.
He took them off five CDs. I've put the originals away and
now just listen to my favorites. This is especially nice
when I'm quilting. I still have the scrap quilt with yellow
centers (I think it's a spider web variation) in the frame
and I really want to get that one done by the end of August.

I've finished almost all my library books but there's a
stack more waitng for me. Unfortunately John is not yet
finished with his and as I don't want to make two trips to
Corvallist this week I'll have to wait until Friday to go.

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