Reality Check
2001-06-23 15:45:59 (UTC)

Introduction the "characters" in my "life"

Me: Typical 14 year old girl. I'm starting 9th grade after
the summer. I have brown hair with blonde highlights, hazel
eyes, and i'm 5'9 at the moment. I would get into the
"delightful" details of my past, but i figure that'll come
up somewhere in the next entries, so why waist my time right
Mom: 2 words....depressed bitch. Except when she's around
my baby sister, Hope. The works at a pharmacy. She's
pretty...when she isn't fussing, and most of the time she
is. She's had some bad times dealing with the male
persuasion. She married my dad, but he left when i was a
baby. Before that she had my brother with another guy, but
she didn't marry him. She married my first step dad, Chad,
but he left when i was four. She had a lot of boyfriends on
and off. I used to call her a slut. But now she's remarried
to Hank. Mom just has her own opinion about how everything
should be....and she couldn't be open minded to save her
life. If she think's something's wrong, then everyone else
has to think that it's wrong too. I guess that's why she
doesn't get me. I have totally different view points then
her and she's never willing to try to listen to them, let
alone understand them.
Hank: My current stepdad. most of the time i refer to him
as my mother's husband. I hate him. no, i loathe him, and he
knows it. he's the father of my 11 month sister, hope. or,
better yet, he helped create her. father is too strong of a
word. He's in the coast gaurd, and he's hardly ever home.
Mom and Hank don't love each other, that's obvious. I think
the only reason they're staying together is because of Hope.
He's only 28 (mom's 34). He's nothing but an immature son of
a bitch. And he's racist, along with his parents. He think's
he's my father and that he can control me. I think otherwise.
Garry: He's my 16 year old brother. I think him and hope
are the only people in my family who i truly love. Garry
lives with my grandmother. When mom had him, she couldn't
take care of him, so grandma adopted him. When i was little
i didn't care about the fact he didn't live with me, because
we lived right beside them. But now that i live 3 hours
away, I realize how much i regret my mother's decision to
give him away. He's cocky, self centered, an idiot.....but i
love him. His whole life is basketball. His girlfriend,
Jill, is pretty cool. He's totally in love with her, and I'm
happy for him. She's giving him direction in his life. now
he wants to go to college, and maybe i won't have to be
giving him all my money when i get older after all. I hardly
ever see him. I miss him so much. I wanted him to come live
with us, since in 2 years he'll be leaving for college and
i'll really never get to see him except maybe once or twice
a year. But my grandparents won't let him.
Well, that's basically all of the main people in my family.
all the other's you'll get to know in the other entries. my
friends will come in at some point too. but right now, i'm
signing off.