2002-06-25 18:50:57 (UTC)

Ugghhh, so bored...

Well, I'm here, at home. BORED. As usual. I took a shower.
There's somthing new. And guess what else? My dad finally
instoled the A.C. in. I thought all the fuses would bust
since we can't even turn on a fan and the microwave at the
same time with the t.v. But it didn't. It worked all day
and night. The fuses just busted this morning while I was
trying to get online and turned on the A.C. after saving
some energy and having it turned off.

But did I mention my new bathing suit yet? I really like it
I must say. Again and again. I think I did mention it. So
point being is, that I really like a bathing suit for the
first time. WOW. Imagine that. I like clothes. Who knew?

Well, my dad won't let me take the car yet again. Lately he
had a fit with anyone and everyone taking the car. My
brother's eyes widened when he heard that mom and I took a
bus to the other car by the place we used to live by just
to take the Suzuki, and not touch the Altima. What a brat.

There's this Mountain Dew can standing here so I think I'm
gonna go out to my nearby 7eleven and pick one up. Or a
squishy. I mean slirpee. Or whatever they call it. I want
something non water for a change. So taking advantage that
bozo is not here, I will leave. Cause I don't know how much
longer can I do completely nothing. Later dudes!!!