Millie Wants, But Doesn't Get
2001-06-23 14:30:01 (UTC)

I Wonder....


I wonder.. doea anyone actually read thses things???
(Besides my sister) I do once in a while... when I am
bored.. sometimes I even write to people.
Today will be boring.. but I guess I won't be too bad
because my step-mom is gone for the weekend. (I am at my
dads house for 10 days) I will probably just be sitting
inthis chair in this room at this computer for over half the
day. But I guess If I can actually find something to do.. I
won't be soooo bad.
I am a REAL Fan of NSYNC.. I bet all of you probably think
they suck but I like them and nothing will change that. I
would DIE to go see a concert!!!!(not really, cuz then I'd
never see them) That would be so much fun!
Latly I have been busy with basketball camps and softball
and doing chores. It's really quite tiring after a while.
I got to bed late (I can't help it!:)) and I have to wake up
early..and you know how that goes. Anyway I had better
go...see ya!!